Zinc is the only All Mode Communication Platform for deskless workforces that enables teams to communicate 1:1 or within groups. Pick the best mode from Messaging, Voice, Video, Push to Talk and Hands-Free to share information, get answers quickly and complete work faster, all from one app.

Field teams stay connected with corporate news through Zinc Broadcasts, a streamlined way to deliver company-wide news and critical information, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

•Enterprise Ready: Optionally, Zinc can be managed from one central Admin Console providing user and group administration in addition to conversation analytics
•Secure: Zinc has certified with the most trusted 3rd party security standards across many industries such as HIPAA, TRUSTe, FIPS 140­2, and SOC 2 for compliance.
•Integrated: Zinc integrates with a wide range of systems and applications including Salesforce.com, Sharepoint, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, ServiceMax in addition to calendars and contacts.

Loved by users and trusted by the enterprise, Zinc drives real business results.

What do our users say?
“Zinc helps us cut through the noise to make sure we get the job done. It’s fast and concise communication” and,
“Zinc has given us a competitive advantage because our team is completely aligned.”

Eighty percent of the workforce is “deskless.” In industries like hospitality, construction, retail, healthcare and field service, the workforce is not only mobile, they are disconnected from offices and computers 100% of the time. These workers are in front of customers, at the crucial point of sale or service, and they play a crucial role in the performance of their organizations. Yet they are inherently siloed from the people, systems and knowledge that could help them do their jobs better. Existing communication and collaboration technology has largely neglected the deskless workforce, until Zinc.

Zinc connects deskless workers with the people, systems and knowledge that drive business outcomes. Our vision is to make every worker a connected worker.