Zimerium's Mobile Threat Defense is the only on-device machine learning-based mobile security solution developed to protect against device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks.  The solution is built specifically with enterprise functionality for scale, management and security ecosystem integration.  Zimperium's solution can be managed from AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google or any other cloud platform in addition to being deployed on-premises if needed.  Zimperium is the only FedRAMP Authorized MTD solution.

Jamf and Zimperium have partnered to provide a complete enterprise mobile security system that delivers sophisticated threat protection for iOS and iPadOS. The integrated solution secures devices against known and unknown threats to ensure corporate data and networks are not compromised by an advanced mobile attack. Together, Jamf Pro and Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense enable enterprises to manage and secure their mobile Apple devices against host and network-based attacks. Zimperium’s detection engine analyzes threats, and leverages the Jamf Pro API to quickly and efficiently implement risk-based policies, ensuring the security of your corporate data.