WebFrame Pro allows you to turn an iOS device into a remotely manageable, single-purpose kiosk displaying full-screen web apps, web pages, multimedia, documents, and more. WebFrame Pro features the following capabilities:

  • Remotely Managed: WebFrame Pro is AppConfig compliant, enabling it to be remotely deployed and configured by over 20 leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions.
  • Full Screen Browser: WebFrame Pro provides a full-screen browser with no address or navigation bars. This allows you to create a true kiosk experience and keeps users in the web site, web app, document, or multimedia you intended.
  • Advanced Content Filter: Limit browsing to approved domains to prevent users from leaving the site or web app you have configured. Block tracking cookies, scripts, and other content. Create custom filters to hide images, force HTTPS, hide page elements, etc.
  • Offline Support: Store files locally and set to homepage URL. Supports HTML, .webarchive, documents, media, etc.
  • Inactivity Timeout: Monitor user activity and reload homepage if no user activity has taken place for 1, 3, 5, or 15 minutes. Optionally, you can choose to clear the browser cache on timeout to ensure previous user session data is deleted.
  • Smart Navigation Buttons: WebFrame now supports navigation buttons that will automatically show and hide depending on the ability to navigate backward and forward. They can also be configured to dynamically slide offscreen as the page scrolls to minimize their visual impact. Finally, they can be repositioned vertically on the screen to prevent obscuring underlying page content.
  • User Interaction Controls: Control how users interact with your kiosk and allow or disallow swipe navigation, pull-to-refresh, enable or disable pan, scroll, or zoom gestures, or disable user interaction entirely.
  • Web Clip Support: Launch WebFrame Pro from a Web Clip with a custom icon and name. Web Clips can be created with Apple Configurator or EMM/MDM solutions.
  • • Local Configuration: All configuration of WebFrame Pro is handled locally through the iOS Settings app. When in paired with Guided Access Mode (unmanaged devices) or Single Access Mode (managed devices), users are prevented from tampering with the administrator-configured settings.