Tugboat Logic takes the misery and mystery out of security audits so you can slay more deals and stay secure. 

Whether you’re a one-person army in a start-up or have a well-established security department, you can benefit from automating your security efforts. Tugboat Logic was founded to help people accomplish just that while taking the misery and mystery out of security and compliance for them.

The Tugboat Logic Security Assurance Platform is specifically designed to help you manage all aspects of your security program as your needs evolve over time – helping you get secure, prepare for audits like SOC 2, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001, answer security questionnaires, and evaluate the security of your business partners.

Why use Jamf and Tugboat Logic together?

The Tugboat Logic and Jamf Pro integration allows you to automatically collect evidence that your workstations are compliant at all times with the standards of your chosen security framework. This integration gives you the confidence that you always have the data on hand to meet any auditor’s evidence requests.

Interested in learning how you can get your life back by demystifying and automating these security activities? Schedule a walkthrough of the Tugboat platform.