The Bungie Foundation's iPads for Kids Program provides customized, age-appropriate entertainment that provides distraction, therapeutic play, and a sense of normalcy to pediatric patients while they are in the hospital. We utilize Jamf technology to remotely manage our program across a number of hospital systems throughout the United States. By utilizing MDM, we can deploy thousands of devices to patients, customize content based on hospital and patient needs, and ensure HIPAA compliance and patient safety through a connection between Jamf's Healthcare Listener and the hospital's electronic medical record (EMR) system. 

Upon entering a room, a new patient can pick up the iPad, select their language, location, and Wi-Fi, then choose their age range. This step automatically loads the iPad with pre-vetted content that will be enjoyable for the patient's age and ability level. If the patient doesn't see their favorite app or a staff member sees a need for something specific, they can contact the Bungie Foundation to request additional content.

When a patient discharges or transfers to another room, the EMR sends a specific command to the Healthcare Listener, telling it which iPad to wipe and reset back to factory settings. This workflow prevents protected health information and any personal information from ever leaving the device or being seen by incoming patients and families.  Jamf takes the human error out of the picture.

Watch the Jamf case study video on the iPads for Kids Program