TeleMessage is transforming business mobile messaging.
With the TeleMessage business mobile messaging (texting) platform, organizations can manage mobile messaging, secure communications, enforce policies and ensure reliable communication.

Built with business needs in mind, the TeleMessage solution not only includes our user-friendly apps, but also our web portal, Outlook Plug-In and rich APIs.

The solution is compliant with industry regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

Main Features:

Message Encryption – Messages are encrypted in our databases so that you can send text messages securely.

PIN Code Protection – Only designated users can open the application with appropriate PIN code.

Group Messaging – Create groups and message to multiple colleagues via the TeleMessage web interface or Outlook plug-in. You don’t even need your phone!

Advanced Delivery Notifications – Know exactly whether the recipient received your message with delivery notifications for sent, delivered, read and expired.

FallBack to SMS/MMS – If an IP message was not delivered, the message will be delivered as a regular SMS message.

Message Tracking – Use the web interface to track the status of all of your incoming and outgoing messages.

Files & Attachments – you can send pictures, videos, audio files & even location.

Automation APIs – Connect your enterprise mobile messaging with your existing IT systems with our APIs, including REST, SOAP, XML, HTTP and more