A CMDB-certified integration with Jamf. Use the integration to sync your device inventory and software packages (installed and in-use) to the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This integration allows for periodic data synchronization using Jamf Classic API. The data is mapped and stored in the appropriate classes in the CMDB data model so that it can be used in various Service Management and Asset Management applications.

Key Features

Automatically collect and sync user, hardware, and software data for each device in your ServiceNow CMDB.
Run reports on any inventory category and make dashboards for instant report visibility.


System Requirements

Robust Transform Engine (com.glide.robust_transform_engine)
System Import Sets (com.glide.import_sets)
Import Sets REST IntegrationHub Support (com.glide.system_import_rest_integrationhub) 
Configuration Management (CMDB) (com.snc.cmdb) 
Jamf Classic API version 10.x