By integrating Jamf with Reftab, laptops and iOS devices are automatically added into your Reftab account. Data such as  serial numbers, warranty information, installed apps, users and more can be detected by Jamf and pushed in real time into Reftab. Jamf can keep your  Reftab account populated and up-to-date instead of you and your team having to manually manage asset information.

Once all your data is in Reftab, you can use the Reftab mobile app to scan barcodes / qr-codes and pull up information on your devices. You can also check equipment in and out to users. Reftab will send overdue email alerts and help you stay informed of how company equipment is being utilized.

Here are some features of Reftab:

  • Easily track equipment assigned to users.
  • Capture electronic signatures when providing company assets to employees.
  • Use mobile apps to scan barcodes and qr-codes.
  • Get alerted about low quantity of equipment.
  • Track assets across different locations.
  • Automatically email users to confirm they still have custody over equipment given to them.
  • Audit your physical inventory