PaperCut builds easy to use, powerful, and secure print management software. 

From simple and secure tracking and monitoring of print jobs, to integrating BYOD printing or advanced custom job management across any brand and any platform, PaperCut NG can be up and running in minutes.

PaperCut NG offers 5 key ways to manage printing and save costs:

  • Track who’s printing what: See how many pages are being printed by who, what, and when.
  • Change user behaviour: Encourage duplex, discourage email printing, and be friendly to the environment.
  • Assign quotas and budgets: Allocate fixed quotas or budgets to your users, departments, or groups.
  • Increase document security:  Get rid of uncollected confidential documents at your printers with users securely releasing their print jobs at any printer. Additionally, track the origin of documents through digital signatures and watermarking.
  • Simplify mobile and BYOD printing: Allow users to print from whatever BYOD or mobile device is at their disposal.

Printing in a managed environment is possible with Jamf, which allows easier deployment of print queues to your managed iOS and macOS devices.

More specifically, see PaperCut’s guide on:

If you are new to PaperCut NG, the easiest way to get up and running is to download a 40 day PaperCut NG trial