Build personalized device management dashboards and get realtime insight into your IT admin KPIs with the Jamf Pro & Jamf School integration in Numerics. Exclusively designed for the Apple ecosystem, Numerics enables you to visualize your Jamf School & Jamf Pro KPIs on the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV & Apple Watch and even announces your metrics on the Homepod or Airpods via Siri!

41 pre-designed dashboard widgets

Get insights into the status of your device and app management strategies by tracking critical pre-designed metrics like distribution of computers by model, managed & supervised mobile devices, VPP licenses - remaining or used, total computers, devices and more in Numerics dashboards. Monitor devices in smart groups, locations, in classes and even devices in range of iBecaons at schools. 

Combine metrics to create unified dashboards

Build dashboards to visualize data from Jamf Pro & Jamf School side-by-side with Google Spreadsheets, Zendesk or legacy BI systems and databases within the business network. Designed to be a companion app, Numerics boosts the ROI of existing IT systems by surfacing & unifying KPIs siloed within them.

Secure, Direct Device-to-Service Connections

The Numerics app makes direct secure connections to Jamf cloud infrastructure (and all other integrated services) with no servers in between. A server-less design means data is only stored locally in the app on the user's devices. This makes Numerics ready for the most stringent security compliance requirements.

Enterprise-ready with AppConfig

Manage the installation and deployment of Numerics across enrolled devices within the organization or school, via AppConfig. Numerics is designed to take advantage of the configuration capabilities provided by AppConfig. At scale, this enables IT Pros to centrally deploy and control access for teams to the Numerics app.