MacOnboardingMate (MOM) is a wizard designed both to streamline the onboarding of a Mac in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, and to migrate a Mac from one MDM to another MDM. Jamf Pro, Jamf Now and Jamf School are all listed as fully supported MDMs.

MOM offers two execution modes which are differentiated by the way MOM is launched and the workflows supported :

  • In Setup mode, MOM is executed manually from an opened user’s session ; this execution mode is aimed to onboard or to migrate a Mac that is already in production
  • In AutoSetup mode, MOM is executed from a management solution, either automatically or from a Self Service ; this execution mode is aimed to onboard a new or resetted Mac enrolled during the Setup Assistant or to migrate a Mac that is already in production.

The MDM migration is the flagship capacity of MacOnboardingMate 4. It implies both the assisted unenrollment from the previous MDM before the enrollment in the new MDM, and the copy of selected inventory values of the migrated device during its exodus.

MOM offers a growing list of capacities in the domains of enrollment, basic and advanced configurations, device renaming, management account, directory integration, open source products integration, with specific capacities for Jamf Pro and Jamf School (API calls). To learn more, please visit this page.

MOM relies on DEPNotify to provide a graphical user interface. The DEPNotify panes can be widely customized with your own titles, texts and organization’s pictures.