Logical Ink® makes it easy for healthcare organizations to allow patients and caregivers to capture data and signatures electronically, eliminating the need for paper forms. Seamlessly compatible with any downstream system, Logical Ink helps improve documentation, decrease medical errors, and simplify processes. It leverages mobile devices, digital ink and a pen/touch-based interface to provide a simple and intuitive user experience that is as natural and unrestrictive as paper. You must be a licensed user of Logical Ink to use this app.

Logical Ink customers enjoy the following benefits:

· Intelligent and interactive forms for capturing electronic signature, discrete data and photos
· Reduces errors and improves patient safety by eliminating paper forms and scanning
· Increased staff and patient satisfaction
· Reduces wait times in Registration with a more streamlined workflow
· Enables mobility and bedside care
· Easy-to-use, drag/drop design tool for enterprise forms management
· Integrates with any EMR or ECM workflow for fewer clicks