LifeSaver Mobile works with your existing Jamf environment to keep your employees off their phones while driving. Our solution is 100% software, no beacons or dongles to install in the vehicle. The software consists of a mobile application that's deployed to every employee phone, with each app managed by a cloud-based fleet portal used by the company's managers to administer the LifeSaver program. 

Jamf Now: LifeSaver Mobile works with your existing Jamf Now environment to reduce your employee's phone usage behind the wheel through real-time visual intervention for the driver, combined with reporting and accountability to the driver's manager, creating a powerful deterrence to distracted driving. Jamf Now streamlines your deployment of the LifeSaver app and strengthens employee compliance by preventing app removal.

Jamf Pro: By working with Jamf Pro, LifeSaver Mobile provides all the typical features of the LifeSaver platform, but also brings an added layer of device restriction through the real-time locking of iOS devices behind the wheel. LifeSaver Mobile + Jamf Pro combine to enhance your driver safety by automatically preventing screen access during drives.