jss_helper is a powerful command-line interface for managing and auditing your Jamf Pro Server.

At first glance, it's a quick and easy way to query for objects like Policies, Packages, Smart Groups, etc. You can view lists of all Packages, or you can look at the actual XML representing a single package.

Where things get interesting, however, are the advanced features. jss_helper lets you do things that are not possible any other way, such as:

  • Look at all of the policies scoped to a single group, or you can compare two groups' lists of scoped policies.
  • With 'promote', easily, with an interactive menu, replace packages in policies with newer packages. jss_helper is smart about prompting you with out-of-date policies and showing you only relevent packages, although you can always see a full list too. And if you know your ID's, you can run the entire command from the command line and skip the menu. 'promote' will even update the policy's name with the new package version if applicable.
  • Scope an entire list of policies to a group in one command. Useful if you're restructuring or adding a new group.
  • See a list of all policies which do package installs.