Please note that JAWA is designed, built, and maintained outside of Jamf. It is not affiliated with Jamf, it is not officially maintained by Jamf.

This app is built to provide Jamf Pro administrators with powerful tools for automation tasks.

What it is:

Jamf Automation and Webhook Assistant, "JAWA", is a web server for hosting automation tools that interact with Jamf Pro, such as a webhook receiver, cron/timed execution of scripts, and automated report generation. JAWA makes it easier to implement automated workflows in Jamf Pro by providing a shared library of common tasks and also lets you use Webhooks and APIs of other SaaS products to automate multi-step or repetitive functions. Scripts and workflows can be shared across organizations and teams. JAWA can reduce configuration time by reading and/or setting the Jamf Pro configurations required to run your automations.