JamfUploader is a new framework and set of processors for AutoPkg, allowing you to automatically obtain and upload packages to your Jamf Pro instance. Designed as a modular alternative to JSSImporter, each JamfUploader processor is designed to perform a single, specific task:

  • JamfPackageUploader - upload and/or replace a package to Jamf Pro
  • JamfCategoryUploader - create or update a category
  • JamfComputerGroupUploader - create or update a smart or static group
  • JamfExtensionAttributeUploader - create or modify an Extension Attribute
  • JamfScriptUploader - create or update a script
  • JamfPolicyUploader - create or modify a policy
  • JamfComputerProfileUploader - create or modify a computer configuration profile

The processors work equally on Cloud and On-Premises Jamf Pro instances. Each processor can be added to an AutoPkg recipe as many times as required. If you just need to upload a package, you only need to add the JamfPackageUploader processor to a recipe - or even run it as a post-run action for a pkg recipe, so you don't need to write a recipe at all. If you have a more complex workflow including the creation of multiple groups and policies, that's OK too. Many of the problems that JSSImporter users with complex needs have encountered have been addressed with JamfUploader.

If you have AutoPkg installed on your Mac, for example via the AutoPkgr application, you don't need to install anything else to run these processors.