Jamf Setup Constructor is a script that can be used to aid in the configuration of the Jamf Setup app within Jamf Pro. Normally, in order to use Jamf Setup, you need to configure an API account, create an extension attribute with possible loadout options, create smart groups based on that extension attribute with the correct logic, and fill out the App Configuration for the app. This script will take care of creating all of that; you just need to do the fun part of providing the proper names for things and choosing how you want Jamf Setup to Look.

The script needs to be run on a macOS computer that is enrolled in Jamf Pro and all you need to have set up ahead of time is a Jamf Pro Admin account and have the Jamf Setup app record already listed under "Devices/Mobile Device Apps". The script will gather the rest of the information needed and create everything via the Jamf Pro API.

For access to the script and more detailed documentation, please visit Jamf Setup Constructor repository on the Jamf Github linked on this page.