An open source plugin (in the form of a Salesforce Package) that looks up device information from a Jamf Pro instance and then displays that information into a case creation screen.

The integration is delivered as a managed package. To install the integration package. 

Install and Configure The Package

Please follow below steps to install and configure package:

  1. Install Latest Package. If you already have installed version of the package the upgrade option will be available
  2. For adding name credential for User Go to My Setting -> Personal -> Authentication Setting for External System -> click on “New”
  3. Select user as your user
  4. Choose Authentication Protocol as Password Authentication
  5. Enter username and password for your Jamf Pro instance respectively
  6. Go to case Layouts.
  7. Add ’Sync Device' button on the page.
  8. Add below fields on case page layout.


Current Supported Fields

  1. JSS ID
  2. UDID
  3. Model
  4. Model Identifier
  5. Available Space
  6. Last Inventory Update
  7. Date/Time Opened
  8. Product
  9. Potential Liability
  10. Subject
  11. Description
  12. Custom Links