Are you looking for ways to enhance the patient experience during an inpatient stay?  Exploring ways to give patients more control through medical records access, room control, and even communcations with the care team? Jamf Healthcare Listener allows you to automate this vision of better patient care, all from an iPad that can be securely and remotely erased between patient visits.

Jamf Pro is an mobile device management solution for Apple products. Jamf Healthcare Listener is an electronic medical record (EMR) integration to Jamf Pro. It can receive messages from an EMR system (e.g. discharge, transfer), and automatically trigger management commands in Jamf Pro (remote wipe, remote lock, etc) for corresponding iOS and tvOS devices. 

Using Jamf Pro and Healthcare Listener together, healthcare systems can automate tasks like:

  • Device set up and provisioning: With Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager working together with Jamf Pro, automated device enrollment workflows are as simple as a few quick taps.
  • App deployment and configuration: Jamf Pro makes it easy to deploy apps like Epic's MyChart Bedside, Voalte Expereince and others with pre-configured settings to remove on-device steps. Find other Patient Experiernce apps that support AppConfig on Jamf Marketplace here!
  • Device refresh between patients: Automatically reset the iPad and/or Apple TV after a patient discharge, "digitally sterilizing" of any personal information. This simplifys the process to ready a device for the next patient, and mitigates risks associated to PHI/PII under HIPPA,  no heavy work from IT or the care team required!