IDent is a client-server application, build to meet Enterprise needs.

It allows for a modern, distributed fleet deployment. It helps to issue and distribute user identity certificates for macOS with an IdP gated workflow. It can also provide device identity certificates, acting as a SCEP Proxy with Jamf Pro payload via MDM.

Acting as a gateway, it can integrate a typical "on-premises" PKI (NDES) or connect to known SaaS PKI solutions. The process gets complemented by a rich audit trail, ready for log shipping to SIEM solutions.

IDent is usually deployed in a "tight handshake" process with Jamf Connect Login. 

  • Simplify procurement for X.509 certificates (used for 802.1X EAP-TLS setups)
  • Support for distinct PKI setups
  • Integrate with Jamf Connect on unbound Macs
  • Advance to regular ADCS Connector setups

IDent is only available on request - the integration requires a Professional Services delivery. 
IDent is available through selected Jamf Integrator Partners in your region.

See: HCS Online - JamfConnect & IDent with Azure

IDent was presented at vJNUC 2020 - Session JNUC326 (2020-09-29)