The Easy-to-Use Secure Messaging App for Care Team Collaboration

HipaaBridge is a HIPAA compliant texting and telemedicine application that eliminates the need for pagers and other single use devices by enabling healthcare professionals to send text messages to colleagues, hold video calls with patients and share photos, medical imaging, EKGs, lab results and other critical information all without violating HIPAA privacy rules. With HipaaBridge, healthcare professionals can simplify and accelerate workflows to deliver quality patient care and improve ROI. Key capabilities and features include:



Care Team Creation


Improve collaboration and efficiency by communicating securely with Care Teams.


Secure Video


Provide remote patient care with the only secure mobile texting app to include video.


Open Network


Securely exchange messages with physicians, clinicians or patients outside of your network.


Integrate with Existing Systems like EHR/EMR


Integrate with existing systems like EHR, Mobile Device Management (MDM), active directory, scheduling and paging solutions.


Multi Device


Access HipaaBridge on your preferred device including smart phone, tablet or computer (many are already using wearables like Apple watch).


File Attachment


Attach files, images, photos, or record and attach voice notes (to attach to EMR).