Chrome is a fast, secure and free browser for all devices. For enterprises, the ability to manage Chrome in their organizations through Chrome Browser Cloud Management is now available for iOS and iPadOS, providing a consistent and customized enterprise experience at no additional cost.

Google Chrome for iOS and iPadOS supports configuration by an administrator at scale. IT and security teams have the ability to manage important settings for their organization, including private browsing/history clearing, bookmarks and the home screen. Enable a completely managed experience paired with Jamf. 

Jamf Friendly Features

  • Fully customize your Chrome configuration on iOS and iPadOS

  • Administer Chrome for iOS and iPadOS from the same console as Mac. Get visibility and reporting in a single view. 

  • Put resources right at the finger tips of your end users with a standard set of bookmarks, prevent access to specific websites through URL Blocklisting, and manage sign-ins with a Google associated domain.