Explain Everything Whiteboard is the best digital whiteboard which can be used both remotely and in the classroom to guarantee teachers and students a great experience, no matter the distance, no matter the circumstances. There are three popular scenarios which teachers can use in their classrooms:

  • Making explainer videos
  • Livecasting
  • Collaborative whiteboarding

Explain Everything Whiteboard is used worldwide by millions of teachers, educators, tutors, kids and students.

When Explain Everything is paired with the Jamf Teacher app, educators can quickly build an environment for students to learn from anywhere with ease. Using Remote Class and a third-party conferencing platform, teachers can opt for one-to-one or one-to-many instruction with just a tap. Incorporating Explain Everything allows groups of students to work together in real time and supports a multitude of learning activities.

Explore suggested Jamf Teacher workflows in this video!
Our Solution Brief describes using Jamf Teacher and Explain Everything together!

To provide administrators the simplest deployment possible, Explain Everything supports AppConfig. This means the license code, app settings and more can be prepopulated via MDM. Click the Configuration link above for more information.

With Jamf and Explain Everything, students and teachers can work together from anywhere.