Dialog is a simple app that displays a dialog with specified content passed in from the command line. Its purpose is to act as a way to show an informative message to an end user, called via script, and relay back the users actions.

The Dialog interface is fully customisable allowing you to display images from file, URL or can even read the icon from an Application path. More details on how Dialog can be made to show the detail you want can be found in the wiki

Dialog requires macOS 11 or newer.

We hope you find this utility useful. Please file any issues or feature requests via Github


New Features


  • Display and play video content from local storage or from a provided URL
  • Change the font type used in the Title
  • Change the Font type, size and colour in the message area
  • Change the size of the icon image
  • Timer bar shows timer as HH:MM:SS, also timer bar can be hidden completely.


  • Display a background image layer in the main window with alpha support
  • Set the window position (top, left, bottom right etc)
  • Support for jamfHelper commands
    • call dialog using the --jh option and dialog will read in any further arguments using jamfHelpers format
    • (not all jamfHelper arguments are supported. See the wiki for more info)  


  • Support for Images in the message body. Display any image with an image caption
  • Timer with countdown progress. Dialog will exit when the timer gets to 0
  • Windows of any size. Pass in height and width to display a dialog to any size you need.


  • Adds support for using markdown in the message body following the CommonMark Spec. Mark text as bold, italic, heading style, even add links and inline images
  • Message content can contain longer messages and supports scrolling to view extra content outside the message display area.
  • Adds support for one or more text entry fields for additional user input


Installer .pkg is signed and notarised. dialog binary is signed with deployment certificate

Please visit the releases page for full details