BetterCloud is the pioneer and leader of the SaaSOps category. As a SaaSOps platform, BetterCloud helps IT and Security teams discover, manage, and secure applications through centralized and automated operations (Ops), resulting in reduced friction, improved collaboration, and better employee experience.

SaaSOps is a new set of processes, skills and responsibilities for IT that enables them to unlock the promise of SaaS.

BetterCloud customers can leverage over 50+ integrations built and supported by BetterCloud, and can leverage the BetterCloud Platform APIs to integrate any application that does not have a native integration. Customers use BetterCloud as the central policy engine for any SaaS application within your technology stack and extend existing management and security workflows to all applications.

BetterCloud & Jamf Pro Integration

BetterCloud’s integration with Jamf enables IT teams to simplify and automate the management and security of users, applications, and devices within the Apple ecosystem. BetterCloud enables the execution of automated workflows for onboarding and offboarding of users and locking down devices to mitigate insider threats. More specifically, the BetterCloud+ Jamf integration allows specific automated workflow actions to create/delete admins in Jamf Cloud, delete users from Jamf Cloud, lock user devices and require a passcode to unlock them, unlock a user account in Jamf Cloud, and unmanage retired Apple devices from Jamf cloud.

Additional BetterCloud Use Cases:

BetterCloud helps customers solve 4 key use cases. 

  • User Lifecycle Management: Automate the processes that occur for a user during their tenure with the company by customizing workflows for employees to join, move, or leave. By automating these workflows, IT will save time and eliminate risk of user-error due to  the many repetitive manual task associated with these processes.

  • Visibility & Auditability: Gain the ability to view and administer all of the users, groups, and files in an organization’s applications in a single place in order to identify problem areas within your environment. BetterCloud enables controls and tracking to view changes made by system users, which is critical for security coverage and regulatory compliance.

  • Insider Threats: Protect your company from the risks associated with malicious and negligent users that expose your organization’s data within SaaS apps. Uncover data accessibility and misconfigurations, and enforce policies to remediate any overexposed files or misconfigurations across your files or groups including scanning for sensitive content

  • Least Privilege Access: Create delegated admin roles by granting users the minimal permissions required for a user to do his or her job, and nothing more. BetterCloud allows IT to gain control over the objects, data types, applications, and management controls administrators can access.