BeagleBoxx Bedside (Powered by BrightFish) is a patient-oriented software platform, aimed at increasing patients' wellbeing and improving efficiency for both the patient and the institution. Both as a bedside- and as a Bring Your Own Device solution. All focused on the complete patient-journey.

When used as a bedside solution, we have fully integrated with Jamf MDM. Through the use of Jamf we have implemented several different features that are patient facing and/or process oriented. All of which improve  the whole patient experience.

Our patient-oriented platform has been developed to enable hospitals, institutions to have a proactive and interactive personal (one on one) connection with patients throughout their complete patient-journey. Focused on three main areas:

1 - Coaching - all interaction, notifications, information directly related to a patient's treatment path (e.g. Hip operation, cancer treatment)

2 - Services - all elements that make the whole process of the patient-journey as smooth as possible (e.g. Ordering food, drinks, roomservice, making appointments, planning your trip to the hospital)

3 - Entertainment - all elements that distract you from being in the hospital, waiting for treatment etc etc (e.g. TV, news, music, games)

All of the above elements are also offered in a BYOD solution. Meaning that there is a native iOS - and native Android App that can be downloaded by patients on their own devices. The Apps are in line with the hospital's main housestyle elements.