ArmourDeploy is an app developed by ArmourPeak. Invoked from the command-line, it lets Mac admins easily deploy a macOS installer with a single command. If you're a Mac Admin, then you're most likely familiar with Apple's 'startosinstall' tool located inside the macOS ArmourDeploy is part wrapper for 'startosinstall', part downloader for "Install", and all awesome.

ArmourDeploy provides 'Erase All Contents and Settings' functionality for macOS, as well as saving time by maintaining a cached copy of the latest macOS installer on each Mac in the fleet. There is no need for an admin to package and host a macOS installer. The latest build of macOS, compatible with the current running hardware, is downloaded from Apple's servers whenever it is needed. Use your RMM or create a LaunchDaemon to run ArmourDeploy on a regular schedule to ensure your managed Macs have the most up-to-date build of macOS cached on every system. Specify which OS will be cached, including multiple OS versions. Keep a copy of Mojave cached for maintaining Mojave, while also caching the latest Catalina release for providing OS upgrades to Apple's newest Operating System.